Hi, I’m Betsy

I am a senior Copywriter and Content Creator and I specialize in writing B2C and B2B content such as sponsored blog posts, web copy, email campaigns and newsletters - all designed to drive engagement and build rapport with YOUR target audience.

Hi, I'm Betsy





What I Can Do For You

Knowing how to communicate through various platforms is a struggle even for the best of writers and marketers. Beyond knowing how to put a sentence together, it’s critical to know how to talk to people in a way they will find engaging, interesting and informative. That’s where I come in: I have a degree in English and Journalism and began my career in Sales and Marketing, so I understand how to get clicks, drive traffic and build loyalty. If it has words, I’m there.

Social Media Campaigns

From giveaways to how-tos to general business awareness, I use social media campaigns to keep my brands in front of their audience.

Email Campaigns

Reach your mailing list at once and I will help you get opens and clicks by tracking what works and what doesn't when it comes to your target market.


Let's write posts that solve problems. Let's write posts that hit people in the gut. Let's make connections and treat our readers as friends we'd enjoy meeting for coffee. It isn't a mystery: words have the power to humanize your business.

Web Content

Need a site refresh? Trying to figure out how to get people to sign up for your newsletter? Still have your bio from 10 years ago? Let's chat. I can help create your online persona, brand profile or web content and will work with you every step of the way.


Need an extra set of eyes? I'm here. From basic proofreading to more intensive restructuring, I can help analyze your work for consistency and clarity.

PR & Marketing

I've written press releases, made pitch calls and brainstormed with the best of the best. If you have questions about marketing strategy or just want to bounce a few ideas around without breaking the bank, I'd love to help.

Contact Me

Maybe you’re curious about the process. Maybe you know you need help but have no idea where to begin. (Maybe you’re a long lost friend that just wants to say hello?) Whatever it is you need, feel free to shoot me a message below and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.